Pillow & Quilt



Pillow : 50 x 70

Quilt : 155 x 215

Quilt : 195 x 215

Quilt : 235 x 215

Quilt : 255x235

Cotton is made of plants produced from fibers in nature and suitable for summer-winter usage due to its humidity absorption and cooling features. Cotton fiber is the main natural fiber and therefore it protects its  naturalness and softness without exposing to chemical operations during knitting.

Outer fabric is knitted as satin by using %100 cotton fibers. Due  to its humidity absorbing fiber features it provides you with comfortable and healthy sleep in cotton softness.

İnternal filling of cotton is laid down as fiber layers and prevents accumulation of fiber within pillow or quilts and collapse of product is short time. İn addition it enables you to wash your quilt in washing machine at specified temperature.